Holistic financial wellness for employees

Holistic wellness = Physical + Mental + Finance.
Employee wellness and engagement is critical to the success of any business. It leads to lower turnover, higher productivity and can also drive higher rates of quality & customer satisfaction.

Trusted financial partner

By weaving together, a customized bouquet of financial products like savings, loans, insurance, investments and tax, a Spark Account that helps you chart your path towards achieving financial freedom and ensures your financial well-being.

Financial Fitness Program for businesses

Our confidence in helping your organization’s employees achieve their financial goals stem from a deep insight into the minds of Indian consumers and years of experience in this field.

At your service, on your fingertips

Spark empowers its users to take a step towards financial wellness through consistency and discipline. With Spark app, you can be more confident about managing your money and making financial decisions.

You can take your first step in mutual funds investing with the easy and safe platform of Spark. We know that life has its ups and downs, and that is why we also allow you the option of flexible monthly savings.

Get comfortable with finances

Financial Well-being is about ‘effectively managing one’s finances’ such that a sense of financial security always prevails.

Save for the care of today

Seeking responsible financial behavioural patterns such as strong savings inclined behaviour, possess no high-interest debt, have enough insurance coverage to protect loved ones, income and assets.

  1. Ensuring that one’s spending for a comfortable lifestyle doesn’t exceed one’s means
  2. Being financially prepared for contingencies and have the financial discipline to overcome them
  3. Having access to tools and information required to make sound timely financial decisions

Invest in what will happen tomorrow

Being financially prepared for contingencies and have the financial discipline to overcome them.

  1. Equity Indexed Mutual Funds for your long term goals
  2. Build your investment corpus
  3. Get the benefit of long term compounding
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You need a Spark now!

We have built Spark for all. Spark can benefit you as an individual and can also be offered as a benefit to the employees by the employers.

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A financial wellness package redefining employee engagement at the workplace.

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